Day Two


State Of Maryland


Woke up feeling rested and ready to go.  This part of our trip is a lot of driving.  We have lived on the east coast most of our lives so we wanted to drive through those states quickly.  Today we need to get from lower Virginia to West Chester Pennsylvania.  We want to go to Washington DC so we can get a picture of that place as well.. There is a lot of traffic but we want to get pictures of the Washington Monument, the Capitol and other buildings in the area.  There was a St. Patrick’s Day Parade going thru and many streets were closed.  But we got em.  

(Julie wrote that.  This is now Toni.  Yes, there was LOTS of traffic.  Julie was driving and her old NYC years of driving kicked in.  She roared in front of buses , slowed down or even stopped, and ordered me to shoot photos.  Its a good thing it was Sunday)



Washington Monument

Then we drove out-of-town and headed towards Wilmington and then over to West Chester.  Hit traffic on 95 that delayed us an hour.   We finally made it to our brother Dan’s house.   But he had a wonderful suprise waiting for us.

Delaware State Line

Pennsylvania State Line


Fen's Wonderful Meal She Served Us

His girlfriend Fen had made 6 or 7 authentic Chinese dishes.  They were fantastic. We had sweet and sour chicken, spicy chicken, greens, rice, beef with vegetables.  cabbage, corn  it was out of this world. 

Dan and Fen

We are going to bed and then heading to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont,  So far we have driven 976 miles.

(and best of all, we get to spend time with my Lexi!!)


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