Day Four

Ahhhhhh….a nice lazy start for a day.  Julie and I slept in while waiting to hear from Lexi.  We are at the hotel, she at the dorm.  Today was her last exam for the term and she called us when she was finished and we all went to Lou’s for a yummy breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, english muffins, hash browns, sausages and bacon.   I don’t know how Lexi ate it all! lol

Toni and Lexi at Dartmouth

Julie went back to our hotel to do her White Hawk work, and Lexi and I went to the dorm to pack her up.  She is leaving tomorrow for an Ultimate Frisbee competition so we not only had to pack for that, but she is leaving straight from there to Spain for her spring term.  Then the rest of her belongings need to go into storage.  Whew…now I know why she was so excited to see us yesterday!

We picked Julie up and went to Jesse’s for dinner, my favorite restaurant in Hanover NH.  Lexi decided to stay with us at the hotel tonight.

Lexi at Our Hotel

 In the morning she heads to Georgia and we are going to Summit NJ to see Julie’s daughter Patience and baby Luke.  Her husband Mike is out of town and we will miss seeing him.

Its cold and there is quite a bit of snow on the ground, but we’re managing.  The worst part is how dry the air is.  For us Florida girls,  we miss the humidity!

Moose Crossing Sign We Saw in New Hampshire


One response to “Day Four

  1. You’re both off to a great start. That’s a lot of miles. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos.
    Karen cancelled dinner club for Saturday night so you won’t be missing that.
    It’s around 80 degrees here each day. It looks a LOT colder there!

    Judy DiCicco

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