Day Three

We knew today was going to be a long day, and it was.  We reluctantly left Dan and Fen at 8:00 this morning to start our journey through New England.

Saying Goodbye to Dan and Fen


We left West Chester PA and very shortly crossed into New Jersey.  We gassed up and it seemed strange to have people fill up the car for us.  They don’t have self-serve in NJ.  We ate breakfast at the Doherty Family Restaurant (aka McDonald’s). 

New Jersey State Line

Next we travelled to New York.  We crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge and kept going.  Onward to CT.  Shortly before we arrived in MA, we took a quick detour into Rhode Island.  It was a really small town, West Glocester RI.  We parked in a strange driveway that had religious statues in it and took our picture of the the RI sign.  Turned around and back to Ct.  In MA, we went through Worcester.  It seemed like a movie set…a quaint, picturesque New England town.  Old buildings and churches, houses built on a hill.  It was really charming.

New York State Line


Connecticut State Line

Rhode Island State Line


Massachusetts State Line

On to New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire State Line


 We travelled north and crossed the bridge into Maine. 

Maine State Line

We had a heck of time finding the state sign.  We were getting off of an exit and Julie spotted it straight ahead…on the highway we just left.  She quickly pulled off to the side and handed me all the cameras.  “Just climb over that guardrail, and run down that embankment.  You can do it.  Get our picture and come back.”  My little sister can be so bossy, but we got our picture!

We retraced some of our steps and returned to New Hampshire.  Now we went northwest to reach Hanover, NH and LEXI!  Yay!  We picked her up and went to Molly’s and had a delicious pizza for dinner.   Back to Dartmouth, dropped off Lexi and on to the hotel which is located just across the state line, in Vermont. 

Vermont State Line


There, we did it.  We “visited” New England, all in one day.  It took us 11 hours.

Our mileage is up to 1,550 so far.  We lost a hubcap somewhere along the way.


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