Day Six


We’re in St Clairesville Ohio tonight.  We have a beautiful view of the Ohio Valley. 

Ohio Valley

 Gorgeous weather all day.  Comfortably cool and blue skies.  We left Summit NJ at 10:15 and traveled through PA, then WV and crossed the river into Ohio.  We stopped and had my favorite in Pennsylvania…pierogies!!  yum  We made it to the hotel at 6:30 and are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.  Steve doesn’t believe it, but unfortunately its true. 

West Virginia State Line

We were unable to see Chris’s daughter Elisabeth since she was at work, but we did have a mini visit with Lisa’s daughter Caitlin. 



The best thing today, outside of the pierogies, was the rolling hillsides in the WV area.  Not like Florida! 

Our mileage is now at 2293.  

Ohio State Line

Ohio State Line

Happy St.Patrick’s Day.  My sister Lisa retouched a familar picture.  What do you think?

St. Patrick’s Day

She added the green hat to Luke and put herself in the picture too.  She looks like ghost if you ask me, haunting us.


5 responses to “Day Six

  1. Don and I have been following your travels each day. It sounds like you are having a blast. I am living vicariously through you since things are pretty boring around here. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

  2. Toni – what fun you must be having! I couldn’t believe it when Dee shared your note last week before you left. We all said you were crazy – but you’re really doing this. The blog is great and I enjoyed catching up and reading it today. May God bless your daily travels and adventures! Linda

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