Day Seven

We had a relaxing morning and slowly started our travels at 11:00.  Our destination today was Cincinnati, OH with a trip across the bridge into Kentucky.  The weather is still very comfortable, but a front is coming in and it is getting more cloudy.  We drove across the rural countryside and saw lots of rolling hills, barns, and farms.  At one point, we saw an Amish farmer driving his horse-drawn carriage down a small road.  Unfortunately we didn’t have our camera ready.

Next up was Zanesville, OH.  They have a museum  for Zane Grey, writer of cowboy fiction.  The museum was closed, but it reminded us of our Grandpa Karnes who loved to read cowboy books. We continued on our way towards Cincinnati. 

Downtown Cincinnati

Cincinnati Red's Stadium

Ohio River Crossing into Kentucky


We crossed the bridge into KY, but didn’t get a good picture of the sign.  Wouldn’t you know it was right in the middle of the bridge!  Even us brave souls didn’t dare to stop there.  So, we crossed to the other side and did it again, camera ready.  

Kentucky State Line

We also were lucky enough to find an Ohio winery not too far off of our route.  Another bottle added to Steve’s collection.  Did you know that Ohio was the largest supplier of US wine until the late 1800’s?  Julie did some trivia searching and found that one.

Vinoklet Winery

Vinoklet Vineyards


Our journey today ended at 4:30 and our mileage is at 2,664.  Tomorrow we head to Michigan and will be staying with our cousin Andie.


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