Day Eight

Wow! One week on the road.  20 states down and 28 to go.  Our mileage is at 2,873.

Today’s trip started at 10:30 from Cincinnati, Ohio and we’re heading to DeWitt, Michigan.  It rained last night and we even heard some thunder.  Thankfully, we woke up to a bright blue sky and  cool but comfortable temperatures.  We drove through Ohio farm country and loved the sight of so many barns.  There seems to be about 3 common shapes and us city girls are wondering how a farmer chooses one over the other.

Ohio Farmland

More Ohio Farmland


We passed through Wapakoneta Ohio and saw the Neil Armstrong Space Museum.  Many places here are named after him, but Julie kept calling him John Glenn.  At least he is another Ohio fellow.

Neil Armstrong Muesum

Neil Armstrong Apollo Ship

Front of Neil Armstrong Muesum


In case you are wondering, we spent a lot of time mapping out this trip.  We have maps of each state, an atlas, 3 AAA Triptiks and a GPS.  We were planning to drive straight up Highway 75 to Michigan, but our GPS wanted us to go through Indiana.  But since we are “looking for adventure in whatever comes our way”, we took the Indiana route. 

Indiana State Line

What a treat!  Country highways, small towns, more farms and just beautiful countryside.  Julie worked her electronics magic and located a winery in Indiana to pick up a wine for Steve’s collection.

Michigan State Line

We crossed into Michigan and it felt extra-special since this is the state that Julie and I were born in. We arrived in DeWitt at 5:00 at my cousin Andie’s house.  They live in the country and we were met by chickens, roosters and ducks.  Then of course our wonderful family.  Willard (Andie’s husband) is a taxidermist and he is at a convention until tomorrow.  We had a wonderful dinner prepared by Andie and her daughter Cindie. We also celebrated Marianne’s (Andie’s daughter-in-law) 40th birthday.  hmmm…I hope she doesn’t mind my telling the year. 

Marianna's 40th B-Day

At any rate, the house was filled with everyone’s children and we had a great evening. Our Aunt Winnie lives next door, and we spent the night at her house.  It is a 200 year old farmhouse that she and her family have renovated.  It was warm and cozy after a long day.

Dinner at Cousin Andie's House


5 responses to “Day Eight

  1. Oh! I’m so jealous that you both have seen hills and countryside! I love looking at really old buildings and staying in a 200 year old home is quite a treat.

    Keep the stories coming!

    Judy DiCicco

  2. Wow, you two chicks are really doing it! Thanks for doing the blog. It’s fun to read of your adventures. Roll on!


  3. How nice for you and your cousins to be together! I remember what lovely people your Grandma and Grandpa Karnes were. Your trip sounds wonderful and we love reading your notes everyday.

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