Day Nine

The north wind doth blow…Actually I don’t know what direction its coming from, but its cold.  We left Aunt Winnie’s warm home and faced temperatures in the low 30’s on our way back to Andie’s.  We figure this is a preview for the next part of our journey.

Today was all about relaxing with family and sharing memories and looking at old family photos and movies.  We had a delicious Sunday brunch and our other cousin Randy and his wife Sandy joined us. 

Aunt Winnie Andie Toni Randy Sandy Cindie


Aunt Winnie and Cousins

Andie Julie Randy and Toni


Tomorrow it will be back to peanut butter and jelly, but today we feasted.

Willard returned from the Taxidermy Convention and won 2nd place for his turkey.  He has an amazing shop here next to the house.

Cocco's Taxidermy

Willard in His Shop

Tomorrow we head to Chicago and our sister Deni.

…and a very Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Steve!


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