Day Ten

From the country to the city…

Cindie made us  a wonderful breakfast of fresh eggs right from the hens.  

Chickens at Andie's

 We said our farewells and left at 10:00.  We cruised through MI, Indiana and entered Illinois. 

Chicago City Limits



The Chicago skyline is beautiful.  We weren’t sure which tall building was which, so we took lots of pictures and will ask Deni later.  We arrived at our sister Deni’s apartment at 1:00 central time.  She lives right in the city at Lincoln Park. 

Deni at her Apartment

 She suggested we walk to Lake Michigan via the Lincoln Park Zoo to get some exercise after sitting in the car for so long.  Deni said it was about 10 minutes.  Well, we know our sister so we knew it would be longer.  It was a really nice walk though. 

Deni at the Chicago Zoo

The lake was really spectacular with the skyline at one end.  The best part was stopping at Dairy Queen on the way home.

Toni at Lake Michigan

Tonight we went to a nearby Mexican restaurant.  It was $5 margarita night, so we had to try one! Tomorrow we start traveling to uncharted territory for us. Minnesota via Wisconsin.

Our mileage is now 3,128.


5 responses to “Day Ten

  1. What a great trip – I am loving this blog! It was nice to see you all having a visit with relatives in Michigan. Give Deni a hug for me.


  2. All I remember from Chicago is that we run thru the major airport (it felt like marathon) with Toni and Matthew and I thought that do we ever make it to the next flight ;D

  3. It was nice having you blow through town again. I don’t know why you guys never come and sit a spell. Chicago is a wonderful city with lots to do other than walk to Lake MI but you will just have to come back when you do your ‘Ten Provinces in Two Days’ trip through Canada. LOL. Heck, I may jump in the car for that one. Hugs and kisses and Happy Trails, Deni

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