Day Eleven

We reluctantly left Deni at 10:30 and headed toward our Albert Lea, Minnesota destination.  The weather wasn’t the best today…40’s in Chicago and later 30’s in MN.  We also went through a lot of rain.  At least there wasn’t any snow to worry about.

We did not see Wisconsin at its best. 

Wisconsin State Line


 It was gray and rainy.  However, we did enjoy a basket of Wisconsin Cheese Curds!

Cheese Curds

 They taste better than it sounds. Its basically fried chedar cheese and it hit the spot.

When we crossed into Minnesota we started to feel excited. 

Minnesota State Line


Mississippi River Sign

The Mississippi River divides the 2 states.  It was amazing to see the river in MN since we have seen it many times in New Orleans, LA.   The terrain initially was quite different too–rocky hills.  We wondered if the route of the Mississippi River had at one time taken it up there to carve out those rocky areas.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Next was farmland.  After awhile, Julie asked why the fields looked so dark.  Having been to Nebraska farms, I knew the answer…thats the color of their soil!  Its definitely different than Florida sandy dirt. 

We also saw another type of farm, a windmill farm.  It was really amazing to have giant windmills on both sides of the highway as far as we could see.

Wind Mills MN

Our route took us through Austin, MN and do you know what it is famous for?  SPAM.  Hormel is clearly the major employer in this city.  They even have a  Spam Museum! When was the last time you had some Spam??

Spam Sign


Spam Museum

In Front of Spam Museum


We arrived in Albert Lea, MN at 6:30 pm and our mileage is now 3,512.

Albert Lea MN


2 responses to “Day Eleven

  1. OK, you just can’t beat the Spam museum! Did they tell you what it’s REALLY made from? No one seems to know.

    It does look cold up there, but to eat fresh eggs directly from the chicken, see countryside as well as big cities is nice.

    I have to chuckle thinking about your ever growing wine collection for Steve. Some of those states aren’t known for their wine. Should be an interesting taste experience.

    PS Tell Steve Happy birthday from Bob and me!

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