Day Twelve

This was a long day!  Last night it rained, hailed and thundered.  We weren’t sure what to expect this morning on the road.  We left at 9:00 and there was a little mush around, but the roads were pretty good.  Thanks to our brother Dan for the ice scraper/brush. 

We quickly left Minnesota (did I tell you I picked up a bottle of MN wine?) and crossed into Iowa. 

Iowa State Line


The weather was slowly starting to improve.  Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and has a very unique capital building…its has a golden dome top! 

 We kept on rolling and crossed into Missouri. 

Missouri State Line


 We actually started to see sunshine!  We have been listening to books on tape and before we knew it we were in Kansas.  Sorry Steve, its a dry state, no Kansas wine for you.

We had to retrace some of our steps to get to Omaha, Nebraska our final destination.  Our route had us dipping down into Missouri and crossing the river into Kansas. 

Kansas State Line

.Then we needed to go back north into NE.  We followed the Missouri river up to Council Bluffs, Iowa and crossed the river into Omaha. 

Nebraska State Sign


Platte River NE

Next stop…Don and Judy Peterson’s house.  Don was our best man and Steve has known them since college. 

Don, Judy, and Toni in Omaha

We enjoyed getting caught up and then we went to a Nebraska chain restaurant called “Runza” .  All of us ordered the original.  Its kind of hard to describe, but has seasoned ground beef and cabbage and is baked inside yummy dough. 

Runza (Nebraska Food)


I guess you have to be here…

Our arrival time was 5:00 and our mileage is now 3,978.  I also updated our Itinerary Map.  You can go to that page and see our route more clearly.

Tomorrow we head to Ord, Nebraska.  Steve’s hometown.


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