Day Thirteen

From the big city to a little town…
We left Omaha at 11:00 this morning and before long we were out in the country.  Our route followed the Platte river for quite awhile. 

Platte River NE

Steve always says ” it’s a mile wide and an inch deep.”  The landscape started to change from the flat farmlands as far as we could see, to rolling hills dotted with small trees.  Nebraska looks a lot different than the other states we have been in lately.

Nebraska Road

Nebraska Countryside


Nebraska Landscape

More Nebraska

Nebraska Grain Factory

We arrived in Ord at 3:00. 

Ord Nebraska Sign

It is a small town of about 2,000 but is really pretty and special since it is Steve’s hometown.  I gave Julie a tour and we saw Steve’s boyhood home, the high school, the town square and a few other sights. 

Steve's Boyhood Home

Ord High School

Ord Airport

Then we went out route 70 to farm areas near town. 

Blizzard of 1888

I showed Julie the historical marker that honors Minnie Freeman and her heroism during the blizzard of 1888.  She was a young school teacher in the rural school when the storm hit.  The roof blew off and she guided the students safely through the snow to the Kellison farm.

The best part of today though was getting together with Steve’s family for dinner.  Our group included Laureen and Duane Krajnik and Jennifer, Guy and LillyAnne Lewis. 

Ord Family Relatives


We went to an even smaller town, Ericson, and ate at the Hungry Horse. 

The Hungry Horse


Jennifer said we needed a true cowboy dining experience as part of our adventure.  She also said they had the best steaks around.  Yum, no argument here!

Our mileage is now 4,189.  Tomorrow we head to Rapid City, South Dakota and Mt Rushmore.  We are going to have to carefully monitor the weather over the next few days.  Our route now goes through more remote areas and smaller roads.  Snow is predicted.  We have 4 bonus days built into our trip that we can use for bad weather.  Our preference though is to use them for extra days at places along the way further down the road.  We’ll see…

3 responses to “Day Thirteen

  1. The whole state of Kansas is dry?!!?? I could never live there!

    Steve’s boyhood home is so cute. I didn’t realize that he came from a small town.

    Lots of miles on that car. Who’s car are you driving?

    Judy DiCicco

    • We rented a Mazda 6 and it is doing very well! We had hoped to take my Honda Odyssey (aka Loser Cruiser) but my mechanic didn’t recommend it.

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