Day Fourteen

What a day!  We woke up to cold, snow and fog.   While Julie was brushing the snow off the back of the car, I thought I would be smart and turn the wipers on to clear the front. 

Waking Up to Snow in Nebraska

 Wrong…I had the door open and it all flew inside and all over me and the floor.  Thankfully, the roads were clear so we left Ord and headed towards Mt Rushmore near Rapid City, South Dakota.

We left at 8:45 central time and arrived at Mt Rushmore at 3:30 mountain time.  The roads were 2 lanes for most of the way, but were fine.  The only problem was fog.  Visibility improved and we rolled along through the sand hills. 

NE Ranch Rd


South Dakota State Line

Shortly after passing through Valentine, Nebraska we crossed into South Dakota.  We knew we were in Indian territory because there was a huge casino right at the border.  It was the Rosebud Reservation.  That doesn’t sound too scary does it!

  A piece of trivia…Bob Barker was born there. 

We made it to interstate 90 and headed west.  Before we got to Rapid City, we detoured to the Badlands.  Totally amazing.  We were truly awestruck.  At the visitor center we found out that it got its name not from bad guys hiding out there (my interpretation), but because the French traders in the 1840’s called it …bad  land…because there wasn’t water and it was hard to travel through.  There is a loop road that goes through the Badlands and thats what we took. 

Badlands Sign


Badlands 7

Toni at the Badlands


Badlands 4


Blue Bird at Badlands


At the end, there is a small town called Wall and they have a well known store called Wall Drug. 

Wall Drug SD

 It reminded us of South of the Border, that crazy tourist spot south of North Carolina on highway 95.  Of course we had to stop and see it!

Getting closer and closer to Mt Rushmore.  We entered the park area, paid our $11 and went to the impressive viewing area.  Take a close look at the picture.  Can you see the faces?  Neither could we!!  The fog had rolled in and that was that.  We are going to see if it clears up in the morning. 

Mt. Rushmore Sign


Mt. Rushmore

Julie and Mt. Rushmore

We’re not sure how our plans will turn out tomorrow.  North Dakota was our goal, but they are calling for snow here so we’ll  have to see how bad it gets.

Our mileage is 4,592.


4 responses to “Day Fourteen

  1. Too bad you couldn’t see the faces on Mt. Rushmore. Hope the weather clears up so that you can see them later.
    I’m just loving your trip so far!

  2. No hoodoos? LOL. Looks like the NM badlands so I suspect you were seeing buttes when you called the other day. Happy Trails! Love, Den

  3. Greetings from Finland! I was laughing out loud when I read about Toni wiping front window and door open LOL!
    Nice looking view at Badland 🙂 Have a nice day!

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