Day 17 March 28

Well we hit our first delay.  We woke up in our hotel room and looked outside.  There was around 7-8 inches of snow.  We found out that Interstate 90 through Wyoming and Montana had weather advisories.  They cautioned against any “unnecessary travel”.  So we are chilling in our room.  After being on the road for 17 days you would think we would be happy but it seems strange to just sit here.  We will do our laundry instead. One good thing, we will be able to have dinner with our friends, Kathleen and Jerry tonight.  We went to the Sheridan Palace on Main St. and had a wonderful down home meal.  It was a comfortable and friendly place.  The food was fabulous.

Dinner at the Sheridan Palace

Chef Steve and Kathleen


After dinner we rode by the home of Buffalo Bill and then went back to our hotel and took a picture of a horse in the lobby.

Home of Buffalo Bill

Sheridan Inn


Happy Trails to You


We got a Wyoming bottle of wine for Steve.  Its called Stampede Red and has horses on it.  Very cool. 

Our mileage is 5,265


2 responses to “Day 17 March 28

  1. OK, you needed to rest for a day! I’m surprised that you’ve been able to keep going in such bad weather. A laundry day can be good.

    Mt. Rushmore was exciting to see, wasn’t it? I’ve never seen it.

    I’m sure that you’ll be able to hit the road tomorrow.

    Judy DiCicco

  2. I assume that you dont have winter tiers? Be careful out there 🙂 I´m suprised that there is so little snow in that level, because we have had about 80 cm (about 31 inch) here in Finland.

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