Day Sixteen

Was today a great day?  You bet! (I’ve been wanting to say that since we got to this part of the country.  We hear it a lot).

We woke up and called the ranger station at Mt Rushmore to see if the fog had lifted.  The answer was no.  So, we packed up and headed toward Sheridan Wyoming at about 10:30.  It started to clear up so Julie called one last time and they said yes, you could see the monument.  We turned the car around and headed back toward Rapid City and Mt Rushmore.  We quickly walked to the viewing area and…it was fogged in.  We sat down on a bench and laughed at our misfortune.  Then we decided to walk down one of the trails to see if we could see anything.  We could see the vague outlines of the figures.  Then all of a sudden it started to clear up!  We could see the faces!  Yay!  Persistence paid off.

Mt. Rushmore (2)


Toni and Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore with State Flags


Snowy Drive Thru Dakotas

Now we really had to get going to make it to Sheridan by dinner time.   Kathleen and Jerry Thompson, friends of Julie and her family, moved there from Orlando.  They had invited us to dinner, so we started again toward Wyoming. 

We passed through Deadwood and saw a sign for Mt. Moriah cemetery.  We drove up a really steep hill, parked and walked up another really steep hill and saw the graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

Deadwood Sign

Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Wild Bill Hickok Grave

Wild Bill Hickok Grave Marker

Calamity Jane Grave Marker

Dead Wood in Deadwood SD


Our route took us through many beautiful areas of the Black Hills. 

Big Horn Sheep

Pretty lakes and wooded areas around every turn.  We even saw Bighorn Sheep on the side of the road.  As we left the Black Hills, there was much less snow on the ground.  Then we crossed into Wyoming. 

Wyoming State Line

We arrived in Sheridan at 6:00 and went straight to Kathleen and Jerry’s.  They had deer in their backyard! We had a really yummy dinner and then said our good bye’s.

Deer in Kathleen's Yard

Wyoming Landscape

  It started to snow as we were arriving and when we left, a couple of inches had accumulated. We’ll have to see what the morning brings us.

Julie Kathleen and Jerry


Tomorrow we plan to go to Yellowstone on our way to Bozeman, Montana.  I forgot to check the mileage tonight so you will have to wait till tomorrow.

Some additional information:  I have been doing most of the writing on our blog and Julie has been doing the technical stuff.  She set this blog up (Lexi helped too) and downloads the pictures and makes everything look nice.  Julie also works on our map and updates our travels.  You probably know this, but you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.


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