Day Nineteen, March 30th

Happy Birthday Ane!

We left Bozeman at 9:00 and travelled to Coeur d’Alene Idaho.  It was a much calmer day than yesterday.

The road was clear and although the sky was a little gray, visibility was good. 

Continental Divide MT

We crossed the continental divide.  That always amazes me.  Its hard to imagine that all the rivers drain now to the Pacific on this side of the divide. 

It started to rain a little, but at least its not snow!!

Idaho State Sign

We arrived in Coeur d’Alene at about 3:00 Pacific Time.  We like changing time zones this way…we get an extra hour! 

Lake Coeur D'Alene

The lake is huge and really beautiful.  I can imagine that in the summer its really popular.  Julie says that Patty Duke has a place here.  I can see why! 

Toni at Lake Coeur D'Alene


We splurged and are staying at a Bed and Breakfast. 

Roosevelt Inn Sign

Roosevelt Inn ID


It is called The Roosevelt Inn and it used to be an elementary school.  It even has a giant flagpole out front.  Our innkeeper was a student here.  That would be strange.  He is also a voice actor for books on tape.  None of the ones we are travelling with though. 

He recommended we go to The Wine Cellar for dinner.  It was literally in a cellar, but was really cozy and the food was yummy.  They had a guitar player who thought he was Cat Stevens.   Lets just let him have his fantasy.

Tomorrow we are visiting our cousins David and Nancy Corwin.  They live in Medina Washington,  near Seattle.

Our mileage is now at 6,072


3 responses to “Day Nineteen, March 30th

  1. I hope you didn’t have as much trouble finding the Continental Divide sign that we did in CO last Fall. Forget the bison, start keeping your eyes open for Paul Bunyan and Bigfoot! Give my love to The Corwins!

  2. Still looks very cold out there. I’m sure Steve told you that we’re having violent rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. There’s a nor’easter headed to all of New England and will dump a foot of snow in some places there. Weird weather!

    Continue with the photos. I’ve never been to that part of the country.

    Judy DiCicco

  3. Gee, thanks! I’ve never received birthday greetings via a blog before. OK, that made me sound pretty old… sorta like, “Honey, back in my day we walked 10 miles through the snow to school.” But you guys certainly don’t sound old. “Over the Hill Road Trip” is certainly a misnomer!

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