Day Twenty, March 31st

We loved the Bed and Breakfast!  The innkeepers were so nice and the breakfast was extra yummy.  We had a fruit cup, pecan encrusted  french toast , home made syrup  and ice cream on top…plus great conversation.

Tina Owner Roosevelt Inn ID

SItting Area in Our Room

Bell Tower on the Top Floor of Our Room


At 10:30 we left for Seattle. The weather was clear and not freezing…yay! 

Washington State Line

We crossed into Washington state, the Evergreen State and passed through Spokane.  Now you won’t believe this, but we drove for a long, long time without seeing any trees at all let alone evergreens! 

It looked like farming/ranching land.  Then it got really windy.  Dust was blowing everywhere and it looked like the fog we had left behind.

Eastern Washington State 2

Eastern Washington State 3

Eastern Washington State


Snaquame Falls Sign

We rounded a bend and all of a sudden the terrain changed dramatically.  There was a sign that indicated a viewing area.  We pulled over and it looked like a mini grand canyon with the Columbia river at the bottom.  It was still very windy, but gorgeous.

I took a nap and woke to rain…where did the sun go?  We must be closer to the western side of the state.  In addition to light rain, we saw evergreens!  Now we can see how the state got its name.  We approached the Cascades range and there were lots of signs about pull out areas to chain up. 

Washington Landscape

Thankfully, we are past that season now, but we can imagine that it is very challenging in the main part of the winter.

Snoqualmie Water Fall in WA

Our cousins suggested we stop at Snoqualmie Falls and we were so glad we did.  David said that there had been lots of rain in the area and that the falls were bursting.  We parked and headed over to the viewing area.  We started to laugh because it was so misty we couldn’t see anything…Mt Rushmore all over.  We were convinced that it had started to rain, so we thought we would wait a few minutes and come back.  We walked a short distance away and it wasn’t raining anymore.  What? Finally we realized that the “rain” was from the falls.  There was another viewing area higher up that we went to and had a great view.  You can hear and feel the power of the falls.

Next stop was Medina Washington and our cousins David and Nancy Corwin.  They have a beautiful home outside Seattle.  What wonderful hosts!  We had a delicious dinner of fish and steak with all the extras too.  Dessert was sinful.  It was a lot of fun to get caught up on all the family news.  We are so lucky to have so many amazing relatives all around the country.

David and Nancy

Our mileage is 6,273.  Tomorrow we will go into Seattle and then on to Portland Oregon.


6 responses to “Day Twenty, March 31st

  1. Did you see a sculpture of 3 colorful sails as you approached Coeur d’Alene? Henry’s artist sister, Patty Sgrecci, created and installed that with 2 friends. If I had thought about it that you were heading there, I would have had you take a picture! She used to live near your bed and breakfast.

  2. Julie:
    I am so impressed with your technological skills, incredible! I love the map of where you have been and where you are going. I just found it today. Keep on truckin’ 🙂

  3. Dale and I finally found your travel adventure. It sounds and looks wonderful. We are so excited for you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • We’re going to San Francisco tomorrow and are sorry we didn’t catch you while you were there! We are having a great trip.

  4. Toni,
    My husband was in the AF and stationed in the middle of the desert (Othello) in Washington State back in the late 60′ and we lived in Moses Lake for awhile, which was a closed-down AFB that allowed us to rent former base housing. People did not believe us when we said we lived in the desert! The farming there is done with huge bulldozers and there were very few fences. I’m enjoying your blog a lot!

  5. Isn’t the Columbia River area beautiful? That’s where many good wines come from, especially the reds that we like. I’m sure you found a great selection for Steve’s collection.

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