Day 21 April 1st

Eva and Toni

Before we left Medina, we stopped at a coffee shop called Tulleys and met up with a friend who used to live next door to us in Atlanta.  Jody now lives with her husband in Redmond Washington and they have a band, Eva Moon and the Lunatics.  Jody now goes by the  name Eva.  It was great to see her and get caught up.

We went into the center of Seattle and explored a bit.  We saw the Space Needle, although the fog is still following us. 

Space Needle

Then on to the waterfront.  Seattle is a really pretty town.  A lot of traffic though.  We haven’t seen that in a couple of weeks! By the way, Microsoft buildings are everywhere.

On to highway 5 and we are headed south.  It’s hard to believe that we have gone as far west as possible and as far from Orlando as possible.  We’re over halfway now. 

It was lightly raining as we left Seattle, but I guess that’s not unusual.  Not cold though.  After a couple of hours we saw a sign for Mt St Helens and decided to check it out.  We drove around the area quite a bit.  It was really pretty, even though somewhat foggy.  There were not many cars on the road and  some parts seemed a little creepy.  There was one viewpoint that we didn’t even stop at because it was so remote and no one was around. 

Mt. St. Helens Sign

Mt. St. Helens Area

We did find a nice visitor center and got a decent view of the area.  We couldn’t see the actual crater because the road that goes in that direction does not open until May.

We crossed into Oregon and Portland is right there.

Oregon State Line

  Our GPS took us through a warehouse district at first, so we weren’t too impressed.  Then we got to the main part of the city and we really liked it.  It kind of reminds me of Georgetown or someplace like that.  Older buildings, but nice.  Lots of shops and restaurants and parking is impossible.

Portland Hostel

Now for the best part.  As part of our adventure, we are staying in a hostel!  Its simple, but quite nice.  Its right

Hostel Room

 in the heart of things and everyone is very friendly and helpful.  They have dorms and private rooms.  Julie and I are in a family suite that has 2 bedrooms.  One has a double bed and the other a bunk bed.  Our friend, Ane is on the board of International Hostels so she told us about this place.  If that wasn’t nice enough, she had a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us.  The hostel manager, Jim had a basket of goodies waiting in our room too. 

I called Steve to tell him we had checked into the hostel and he said “you checked into the hospice?” 

Tomorrow we head to Eureka California.  Our mileage is 6,607.  



One response to “Day 21 April 1st

  1. Portland is quite an interesting city. I was amazed by the mass transit system, which is incredibly efficient. Also, did you get to see the food carts in the downtown area? So many varieties of food to choose from. We ate there several times and it was always good.

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