Day 22 April 2nd

Portland Street

Downtown Portland

Three weeks ago today we started this journey.

After a little more sightseeing in Portland, we left at about 9:00 for Eureka CA.  South of Portland,  we enjoyed views of emerald green fields. 

Green Oregon Farm

It looked so beautiful and different from the brown and gold fields we have been seeing recently.  Spring is coming to this area!

The hills are covered with evergreens, Douglas Firs.  The trees are on the Oregon license plates, so we took some pictures for you to see.

Oregon Douglas Firs


We crossed into California and and Redwood country! 

California State Line

Redwood Sign

We kept stopping whenever possible  to stare and take pictures.  Its hard to imagine how big, tall and old they are!

Redwood Forest

Then there is the Pacific coast and the rocky coastline with waves crashing.  We stopped at one area and I was taking a picture of a lighthouse when an older woman with a pink furry hat started chatting with me.  She said this was her favorite beach.  It was near Crescent City. I could see why.

Julie at Crescent Beach in Redwood

Cal Lighthouse


As we were driving, Julie remarked how amazing it was that there was the ocean nearby and we were driving through redwood forests.  Looking out toward the east we could sometimes catch a glimpse of a snow covered mountain.  Too many things to look at! 

Cal Coast

We arrived in Eureka at 6:00 and our mileage is now 7,012.  Tomorrow we are going to San Francisco.  Unfortunately, there was a major mudslide along route 101 near Garberville.  So, we will have to detour to route 5 and head south that way.  It will add 2-3 hours to our day.  Oh well…

Cal Coast 2


2 responses to “Day 22 April 2nd

  1. I’ve been following your blog and it sounds like a great adventure. I love the central and northern California coastline.

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