Day 23 April 3rd

When Lexi stayed with us in Hanover, NH

Happy Birthday Lexi!  Lexi is Toni’s daughter and Julie’s niece who turned twenty today.  She is in Barcelona, Spain for a trimester.  She is a sophomore at Dartmouth.

We survived our detour over the mountains. We were hoping that the mudslide in Garberville, Ca had been cleared up but no such luck.  

CA Hwy 36

 We took highway 36.  Although highway is not what I would call it as it was only two lanes.  The detour took us out of our way by about three hours. It was a long and winding road.  The drive would definitely cause motion sickness for those with a weak stomach.  

CA Rest Stop

The drive was beautiful and we again saw snow at the higher elevations.

Richmond CA Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Finally, we crossed the Richmond Bridge and then the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.  The weather was beautiful and the skies were clear.  



 I forgot how steep the roads in the city were.  Of course, we had to drive down Lombard St., the crooked one.  

Lombard Sign

Lombard St

I would not want to drive it with a stick shift.  We only stayed in San Fran about an hour. 

San Francisco Bay


San Francisco

It was getting late and we needed to get to Palo Alto, our next hotel stop.   Toni went to dinner with her friends, Robbie and Montse Armitano.  They were her neighbors in Atlanta.  She had a great time catching up.  She could not believe how handsome and grown up the children were.

Montse, Robbie, and Toni

Armitano Family

Our mileage is 7416!


4 responses to “Day 23 April 3rd

  1. Ahh…. You went through Portland, Oregon where my son, Dan and his wife live. It really is a young, fun city. And then on to California. My brother and family live outside of San Francisco so I really enjoyed seeing all the photos.

    Lots of miles on that rental car now!

    Judy DiCicco

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