Day24 April 4th

Inn at Avila Beach

Happy Birthday to our niece Caitlin!


From the big city to the beach…

We had a lazy morning and left Palo Alto at 11:00 on our way to Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo.  It was a much easier driving day.  We needed it.  The last 2 driving days were long and challenging.  We travelled south on highway 101.  The scenery, as always in California, was beautiful.  Lots of green mountains and a clear blue sky.  We also saw miles and miles of lettuce farms. 

One thing we’ve noticed is that with all the roads we have travelled, the most poorly maintained are in California.  Financial problems?  Don’t know.

Avila Beach Pier

Avila Beach From Balcony

We arrived in Avila Beach at 2:30.  Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided it was time for some body maintenance.  Nail salon time!

Then back to the hotel.  Its right on the beach and the weather today was really nice.  It was about 75 and sunny. 

Avila Beach

Sunset Avila Beach

  So much better than cold, snow and fog…

Our mileage is 7,646.


7 responses to “Day24 April 4th

  1. Toni, I was born in Vallejo (outside San Francisco/Oakland as I understand) but was only there my first 6 months. My father lived in San Luis Obispo and I went to his funeral there 20+ years ago. Beautiful area!
    Stay safe and enjoy all the rest of your travel-adventure.

    • I remember passing through Vallejo. We were in a seemingly remote area and went over a hill and there it was! Then on to San Francisco. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. We are having a great time.

    • That was my favorite area when I visited my aunt in Solvang years ago. If you want to see a great little town, check out Solvang. Its a cute dutch designed town if you havent heard of it. Amazing vineyards and wineries too. I can get suggestions from her if you’d like.

  2. Although I am back in UK I am reading your tour with great interest and envy. It sounds amazing. Look forward to see where you will visit next. Joanna

  3. I hope you guys got some R&R. You guys have been holding up amazingly well and are still talking to one another. I don’t know I’d I could do so well. I’m loving following your adventure through your blog. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

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