Day 25 April 5th

Joe Mamma's

From the beach to the desert…and Las Vegas!

We had a quick breakfast at Joe Momma’s in Avila Beach and then left at about 10:30 for Las Vegas. 

Toni at the Pier

Today is a big day for us because we are now headed east.  This is the last direction of the “square”.  North, west, south, and now east.  We still have a long road ahead, but home is coming into sight.

Hwy 58 Eastern CA

Eastern CA

Our route took us back across the mountains on highway 58.  Julie thinks California needs to redefine their definition of a highway.  It was another very windy, narrow road in most places, but it was scenic.  Parts of the road was like a roller coaster, not windy but up and down and up and down.  The hills were very pretty and many had colorful yellow flowers on them. 

Cattle enjoying spring day in desert

It was getting warmer and warmer and we knew we were reaching the desert.  The terrain was of course completely different.  Scrubby brush on brown rolling hills.  We saw a sign for Death Valley, but Vegas was calling! 

We saw the Las Vegas skyline when we were still 13 miles away.  Hotel rooms are really reasonable right now, even on the Strip.  Believe it or not they start at about $25. We are at the Stratosphere and are staying for 2 nights.

Desert in Ca

Nevada State Line


Julie and I went to the casino tonight and guess what?  We each won some money!  Julie is ahead $10 and I am ahead $36.  We are such big gamblers…haha

Las Vegas Hotels


We arrived here at 6:00 and our mileage is now 8,056.


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