Day 27 April 7th

We promised that today would be action packed, so here it is…

Las Vegas Sign


Pawn Stars

At 10:45 we left the hotel and spent a little more time driving around the city.  We stopped at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from the Pawn Stars TV show.  We’re actually watching it on TV  right now.

We passed Lake Meade on our way to the Hoover Dam.  We had been there one and a half years ago on a trip to the Grand Canyon. 

Hoover Dam Sign

At that time they were building a new and badly needed bridge near the Dam. 

Lake Meade

Pat Tilman Bridge at Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam


The construction looked very interesting at the time.  Now we got to drive across it!

The scenery is so pretty.  I know we say that a lot, but we can’t help it. 

 Our next destination was  Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk. 

Arizona State Line

Grand Canyon West

A full tank of gas is a definite requirement. 

Grand Canyon West Sign

We turned off the highway and travelled through an Indian Reservation and a lot of open range.  The cactus and other plants are very interesting. 

On the Way to GC West

 It takes about 45 minutes on this road.  The last part is unpaved and was bumpy and dusty. 

Grand Canyon West

At the Welcome Center, everyone parks their cars, buys their tickets and gets on a bus to the Skywalk and other points of interest.  With various fees the cost is about $75 per person. The bus dropped us off at an overlook at the Grand Canyon.  Not everyone buys the extra ticket for the Skywalk.  We admired the view, listened to some Indians playing music, and cautiously approached the Skywalk building.  You are not permitted to take anything out onto the Walk, no cell  phones, cameras etc.  They don’t want anything to fall over the edge and just as importantly, not scratch the see-through plexiglass surface.  We were required to put booties on over our shoes, like the kind medical staff sometimes wear in hospitals. 

Skywalk Bridge

We slowly walked out and onto the Skywalk.  It extends 70′ over the canyon and is 4,000 feet  above the Colorado River.  The floor is clear in the middle, but is opaque along the rails.  That really helps if you have a fear of heights.  One poor lady was quite nervous and her husband was leading her by the hand.   

 Whew…we did it.

Cattle near the Road to Kingman AZ

Tonight we are in Kingman, Arizona.  We arrived at 5:30 and our mileage is 8,192.  Tomorrow we are going to Monument Valley.  Till then…

AZ Desert Scrub


2 responses to “Day 27 April 7th

  1. Very brave of you ladies! At least I see people in shorts. It must feel good to shed some of those layers. Don’t forget to check out Canyon de Chelly or Aztec Ruins if you end up with extra time in Four Corners (and the Fed gov’t doesn’t shut down and close them to visitors.) And hit Ojo Caliente (between Sta Fe and Taos) if you need to soak your tired bones in hot springs. My spirit is soaring just thinking of you going through AZ-UT-NM. Be careful on the roads though. Drivers in the SW are terrible… and often intoxicated.

  2. We saw that bridge being built too! Great to see what it looks like now. As for the Skywalk, you two are very brave. I have an incredible height issue and could never walk on that. It must have been amazing.

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