Day 31 April 11th

It was a long day.  We left Santa Fe around 9am on our way to Wichita Falls, Texas.  It was still cold outside.  UGH.  But we are heading south!  Today was a driving day. 

Texas State Line

Oil Well

We crossed into Texas.   We did see some oil wells.  

Oklahoma State Line

Red River

 We also made a small detour to Oklahoma. The Red River separates the two states. 


 Only 5 more states to go.  Driving through Texas we saw the It’ll Do Motel. 

It'll Do Motel

Thankfully, we had a reservation at the Courtyard.  We got to our hotel around 6:30.  We are tired.  Tomorrow we head to our sister Lisa’s home in Houston. 

Texas Landscape

Landscape in TX

Did I mention that it finally warmed up.  The temperature is in the 70’s in Wichita Falls.   Our mileage is 9493.


One response to “Day 31 April 11th

  1. I’m loving this blog – you two are amazing. Now I know some more places I’d like to visit in the US. Maybe you should consider travel agents as a future career????

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