Day 32 April 12th

One week from today and we will be home!

We left Wichita Falls at 11:00 and pointed our car south.


Houston was our destination, and seeing our sister Lisa and her husband Tony.

Lisa and Tony


Their daughter Caitlin has been living with them in Houston for about 6 months, but is moving back to Allentown, PA.  Remember, we saw her briefly in PA at the beginning of our trip.

Our journey was pretty uneventful today, not a bad thing. We passed through the Hill Country of Texas.  It sure didn’t seem very hilly compared to what we have seen!  But, it was pretty.  Lots of farms, ranches and cows.

We arrived in Houston at 5:00 and our mileage is 9,893.    It is finally warm!  We had perfect weather today.

While we are here, Julie will be visiting her doctors at MD Anderson.  Scans, appointments, biopsies etc.  Our plan is to continue our journey on Saturday.  So, check back then for updates.


7 responses to “Day 32 April 12th

  1. Julie, we will be praying that all goes well for you. Girls, enjoy the last week of your trip, then it’s back to reality!!

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