Day 37 April 17th

We were tired this morning,  so we didn’t leave Natchez until 10:00.  Our next, and last stop,  was Memphis Tennessee.

Tennessee State Line


We Travelled north on highway 61 loosely paralleling the  Mississippi River.  It was not in sight though.  Memphis is right at the Tennessee line.  We arrived at 3:30 and headed for Graceland…Elvis Pressley’s home.

Julie and have both toured Graceland before, so we kept our money in our pockets and just looked at the free things.  I love his old airplanes.

Lisa Marie Jet

The larger one is called the Lisa Marie.  I remember going inside years ago and being amazed at the seatbelts on the bed…ahh the things that stick with us.

The property around the home is really lovely and the house is set back off the road.

Graceland 2


Gate at Graceland

It has gates with him playing music on them.  The tour includes the main level of the home.  When we went there with Matt and Lexi, the aunt of Elvis was still living upstairs.  Regardless, even when he was alive,  he didn’t let people go upstairs.  The house is very nice, but by todays standards for celebrities, it’s not over the top.

In the mid 1970’s I saw Elvis in concert.  It was in the Washington DC area and it was a fabulous show!  When the kids were little, I would ask them who the greatest singer that ever lived was and they would reply…Elvis!  Of course I taught them to say that…

Next up was crossing the Mississippi River to reach Arkansas.  Before we reached the bridge we saw a sign for

St. Judes

St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  The one founded by Danny Thomas.  Before he was famous he prayed to St Jude (patron of lost or impossible causes) to help him.  Once he became successful he built this hospital and they treat children with serious illnesses regardless of ability to pay.  It looks just like the TV commercials!  Before we crossed the bridge to Arkansas, we noticed a big pyramid. 

Pyramid Arena

We did not know what it was.  It turns out it is the old arena for Memphis which opened in 1991 and closed down in 2004 although concerts did happen unil 2007.    Now it is empty.  Big Bass Pro Shops is in a deal to move in there and have their show room.  Who knows.

We crossed the bridge into Arkansas.

Arkansas State Line

Some states are really good about where they put their “Welcome” signs.  Others are terrible.  Our least favorite are those in the middle of bridges.  Arkansas was one of the middle-of-the-bridge states.  We got our shot and headed to the hotel.

Memphis Skyline

But not before taking a picture of the Memphis Skyline.

Tomorrow we are planning a long travel day…to HOME!  One more new state to visit, Alabama.  We are clicking our shoes and saying “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

Our mileage is 10,790.


4 responses to “Day 37 April 17th

  1. Well, we really miss you guys and glad that you are heading back. In the words of
    Margaret Elizabeth Sangster:

    There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”

    See you in a few. Stay safe.

  2. …home again, home again, jiggedy-jig. Your trip was very entertaining! I will miss your daily travelogues. They were great. Did you track your gas expenditures as well as mileage? Just curious.

    I’m sure that arms are waiting to hug you and Italians are waiting to feed you. May the road rise up to meet you!!


  3. Remember that song?
    “Marie was only six years old, information please, try to put me through to her in Memphis Tennessee!”
    My random contribution to your blog…
    Julie and Toni – what a great trip! Thanks for sharing it. Keep in touch.

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