Day 38 April 18th

Home Sweet Home!!

There is an old Johnny Cash song that goes  “I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere…”  Well, we haven’t been everywhere, but we have been to all 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia.

Our day started early for us.  We left Memphis at 7:30 central time.  Our route took us through Tupelo, Mississippi so of course we had to stop at the birthplace of Elvis Presley! 

Tupelo MS

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Julie said there is an old song about Tupelo honey, so we tried to find some.  Guess what?  It comes from the panhandle of Florida.  So, no honey.

We crossed into Alabama…yay, our last new state. 

Alabama State Line

As we approached Birmingham we talked about the civil rights history of the area.  Then we got down to the important part…finding Steve an Alabama wine!  We tried a Package Store.  No, only beer.  An ABC store.  No, only hard liquor.  A grocery store.  Well they had wine, if you like Boone’s Farm or Ripple.  So, Julie worked some magic on her Blackberry and we located a winery and a wine store.  Steve got his wine!  The original list included 19 states that he needed.  We failed in Kansas (not our fault, its dry), North Dakota, Delaware (but my brother promises to bring some this summer), West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

The Florida border was a very welcome sight.  It was such a treat to see palm trees again.

Florida State Line

We arrived home at 10:45 pm eastern time.  Our final mileage was 11,467.

We’ll put in some type of Epilogue with more particulars, but in case you are wondering, we used 380.7 gallons of gas.


One response to “Day 38 April 18th

  1. Welcome Back!! We really enjoyed your excellent adventure and wonderful accomplishment, and can’t wait to hear all about it in person.

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