Day One

New car only 104 miles on it

Getting Ready to Leave Orlando


Well, we survived the first day of our “excellent adventure” We drove 787 miles.  Toni and I were both surprised how stiff we were each time we got out of the car to get gas or a snack.  But we are starting to get our “car legs” now.   We wanted to get a picture of each state sign but it is actually not very safe pulling over on a highway and taking pictures.  But the pioneers had to go through worse so we did it. 

Toni, Steve’s husband is trying to collect wine from every state.  He is missing 19 states and wants us to get them along the trip.  The first state he needed was South Carolina.  Toni actually spotted a road sign for a winery so we took a little detour.  Toni ran up to the small gift shop where they were having a wine tasting and  pushed past about 12 people and asked for the “cheapest bottle of wine they had”  I am sure they thought she was a wino.  In Toni’s defense, she did not realize the people were in line until she pushed through and they told her it was okay.  I am sure they thought she needed the wine more than they did. 

We got to our hotel, the Fairfield Inn around 8pm.  It was a new hotel with wonderful beds in Emporia Virginia.  I can’t describe how wonderful it felt to get into  that bed.

Georgia State Line

South Carolina State Line

North Carolina State Line

Virginia State Line


2 responses to “Day One

  1. Ha ha, that sounds like our trips back in USA -91 ;DDD Oh boy we had fun! And I´m sure you will too =D Drive safely!

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